Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit | 8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads

£849.00 (as of 20th September 2018, 5:56 pm)

Ultra-quiet mesh drum with excellent playing feel.
Recording in real time (5 tracks internally, up to 99 tracks via USB stick).
High-quality, 4-legged chrome rack and double-edged snare-drum stand.

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Recent electronic drum kit from Alesis
The Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit is an 8-piece electronic drum kit featuring exclusive Alesis Mesh drum heads (Patent Pending) that deliver the very best feel and expression. It features an 8-inch kick drum, 12-inch dualzone snare, two 8-inch dual-zone rack toms and a 10-inch dual-zone floor tom, at the side of a 14-inch three-zone ride that will provide you with maximum response and tonal versatility, a 12-inch hi-hat with pedal, and a 12-inch crash with choke function.The included Crimson Drum Module features 70 drum kits (50 factory pre-set + 20 user-customizable) with over 600 sounds and 60 play-along tracks built-in. You’ll be able to load your own .WAV or .MP3 samples and playalong tracks via USB memory stick for the ultimate flexibility. To sharpen your skill, there is a metronome and 1/8-inch input for playing at the side of your mobile device, so you can be able for the studio or stage. A premium chrome 4-post rack with separate double-braced snare stand keeps everything solidly anchored, no matter how hard you play-no “trip,” no sagging!Features• Tightly woven mesh drum heads support feel and playing response• 8″ kick drum, 12″ dual-zone snare, two 8″ dual-zone rack toms and 10″ dual-zone floor tom• Three-piece cymbal set with 12″ hi-hat, 12″ crash with choke and 14″ three-zone ride• Crimson drum module with 70 kits (50 factory pre-set + 20 user-customizable) and 600 sounds• Load .WAV or .MP3 samples and play-along tracks via USB memory stick• Real-time recording (5 tracks internally; up to 99 track

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