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SUITABLE FOR THE STAGE: The auna VHF-2-H is a practical 2-channel wireless microphone set that captures vocals and speech with outstanding sound quality. Thanks to its wireless technology, there are no cables around, so the danger of tripping is avoided.
FIRST CLASS ALL-ROUNDER: The VHF wireless microphone system brings together two dynamic handheld microphones. They fully capture the acoustic repertoire of master singers, speech makers and market vendors to improve performative impression.
WIRELESS AND FLEXIBLE: Thanks to its powerful transmission power, the auna VHF wireless microphone system can cover a generous area with a radius of up to 50 metres. This property can also be useful for events in large auditoriums or conference rooms.

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2-channel VHF wireless microphone set with two dynamic hand microphones | Up to 100 metres range and long operating times thanks to energy-efficient construction | Jack output to cable-connected signal forwarding to amplifier, mixer and loudspeaker
Compact receiver with metal housing and aluminium front plate | Telescopic antenna
Connections: 1 x 6.3mm jack microphone. A output, 1 x 6.3mm jack microphone. B output, 1 x 6.3mm jack mix output | Transmission frequencies: 186.20 + 199.60 MHz (VHF) | Volume control
auna’s VHF-2-H is a VHF wireless microphone set that is designed for the stage, which professionally meets the requirements of everyday events and covers all aspects of the event.
In addition, the wireless system is equipped with two dynamic handheld microphones, which capture the acoustic repertoire of master singers, speech makers and market vendors to improve performative impression. Thanks to the VHF frequency band, the auna VHF-2-H wireless system also covers vast areas with a radius of up to 100 metres. | With a 6.3mm jack output, the system can be easily integrated into all common audio setups.

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