Best Soprano Ukulele with Bag, Great Fun for Adult Beginners and Children LOVE Ukuleles (the #1 Music Instrument) with FREE eBook and ‘String Stretching’...

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GREAT FUN FOR KIDS AND ADULTS ALIKE: Regardless of age, the Malani Ukulele makes it easier to sound great. The geared tuners/tuning pegs on the headstock help stay in tune, the flourocarbon string material means less effort to press the strings down, and the included gig bag lets you easily protect the Ukelele when transporting it to school or Uke Club practise.
AN EXCELLENT FIRST STEP TOWARDS PLAYING GUITAR: The traditional small body with short scale length (to suit a childs smaller fingers) make ukeleles an ideal musical ‘stepping stone’ to the guitar. The smaller space between frets means small hands have to stretch less, which in turn makes playing easier and more enjoyable. The skills learn on a Uke then transfer over to the guitar in the future.
TONE WHICH PUNCHES WELL ABOVE ITS WEIGHT: The Eastern Rosewood wooden top, back and sides – along with the higher quality flourocarbon strings rarely fitted on ukes in this price range – means you’re getting by far the best tone for your money, and strings that stay in tune with less hassle. We give you guidance on how to ‘stretch’ your strings which stabilises tuning, eliminating the biggest pain point for beginner uke players.

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Congratulations, you just found the best value Ukulele pack around!

In short:

  • You would possibly not find yourself needing another uke soon – it’s streets ahead of its competition for sound and build quality, meaning it is going to last.
  • You’ll sound great – great quality strings and geared machine heads help avoid the usual tuning issues (on a regular basis the biggest pitfall on ukes in this price bracket).
  • You’ll have everything you want to get going, thanks to these freebies:
    • Free downloadable 12 page songbook featuring popular songs, some starting with only 2 chords!
    • Free downloadable 12 page chord book – showing 12 chords in each of 12 keys. Thats 144 chords for FREE!
    • Link to ‘Keeping your Uke in tune’ video – references on how to tune, and how to keep your uke in tune for longer
    • Link to Online Ukulele Tuner – you can never have to go looking for those pitch pipes ever again!

In detail:

The Malani Beginner Ukulele is perfect for anyone starting out (even absolute beginners) on the Soprano Ukulele. Its looks the business, sounds great, the strings stay in tune well. and is made to the highest standard we’ve ever seen for a Uke of its price. It comes in a box with it’s own fitted showerproof gigbag/carrycase (with the exception of the mahogany ukulele, which doesn’t include a bag). We’ve added some awesome ‘brucey bonuses’ to the package too (see below) because of this it has the entire essentials to get started playing – and fast!

It does everything you’d expect a Beginner Uke to do, and does it well! Worthy of note are the machineheads – they have got geared machineheads (as found on guitars) which help

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