Biyang Delay Guitar Effects Pedal – New Time Maker, Dual Chip of AD-8 Analog Bass Effects True Bypass

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25ms-600ms delay time, and the yellow fall has two outputs for the affected signal and the dry signal respectively.
Three breath delay buttons: .Echo button / F back button / time button.
Classic alloy, stable and solid all aluminum.Alloy aluminum alloy classic, stable and solid.

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The pedal comes with pure analog, which is whole True-Bypass circuit delay, clear, plump and smooth new delay effect.
AD-8 uses two chips to achieve the delay, greatly reducing the delay signal distortion, in the same delay time, the degree of distortion reduced doubled, the actual sense of feeling is more neat and clear.
High-level production standard, a large number of German WIMA Capacitors, high precision resistors and other high accurate devices are used for signal processing.
Fully sealed dust-proof potentiometer and stainless steel panel and metal shell to ensure the long service life.
Runs on 9v battery or the AC power supply (not included).

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