Classic Cantabile TROMBA Plastic Cornet Black

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Plastic Bb cornet for brass fun in any weather
Light, strong and hardy
Plastic body meets brass sound

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Brass Music in the Bar, Jazz on the Beach and Ska in the Mountains!

Good news for all cornet players, who want to get their cornets out of the house: the Classic Cantabile TROMBA is here! Nasty tones from temperature fluctuations and worries about dents from jam sessions are a thing of the past!

Plastic? Fantastic!
Children, music students and brass stars beware! The Classic Cantabile plastic cornet is an attractive instrument that allows you to experiment like never before while your expensive brass model lies in the trunk. Above all, the very light weight and the small dimensions when compared to the trumpet make the Classic Cantabile TROMBA cornet the ideal school instrument!

Top Notch Equipment!
Those who believe that strength and precision can’t go together are wrong. The combination of a durable plastic body with high-quality, corrosion-resistant Monel valves and brass valve housing make the Classic Cantabile TROMBA a jack-of-all-trades. And since sound is important, the tuning is, of course, adjustable.

Head to Carnival in Rio!
The TROMBA is so light that it can easily fit in your hand luggage on your next flight or in your backpack on your next hike in the mountains. Its durability makes it the ideal travel companion. This ABS plastic cornet doesn’t mind being left on the beach for a bit while the musicians take a dip or being exposed to the elements – even wind and rain.

Articulation? Top-notch! Intonation? Terrific! Let’s go!

Plastic Bb cornet for brass fun in any weather
Light, strong and hardy
Plastic body meets brass sound
Monel valves and brass valve casings
With mouthpiece, case, stands and cleaning set

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