Classic Cantabile Tromba Plastic Trombone (12.7 mm Bore, Fibreglass, Weight Only 800g – Black + MOUTHPIECES, Case, Stand and Cleaning Kit

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Tenor trombone in Bb tuning, made up of plastic
Mouthpiece: Plastic; small bore: 12.7 mm in diameter
Ergonomically built, fiberglass slide, very durable

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For an Unexpected Sound!

The Classic Cantabile TROMBA tenor trombone is a revolutionary alternative to traditional brass trombones. With this instrument, every tired brass band becomes a modern plastic band. Professional trombonists worldwide are excited about this plastic trombone. 

  • The ideal travel trombone. You can bring it on the plane as a carry-on.
  • Super fun instrument for carnivals, bachelor/bachelorette parties, circus and comedy shows. 
  • Very good response and excellent intonation
  • Sounds like a brass trombone. You will hardly notice the difference.

Extremely light!
Weighing in at only 800 g, this Classic Cantabile TROMBA trombone is the ideal instrument for traveling – as a carry-on or checked luggage. And children and music students can also take this lightweight instrument on the road.

Extremely strong!
Unlike a brass trombone, the TROMBA isn’t harmed if you bang it against something or accidentally drop it. Water also does no harm to the instrument – plastic doesn’t corrode. The fiberglass slide is extremely durable and with a little slide grease is as easy to maneuver as you would expect. 

Extremely fun!
Available in many colors, this Classic Cantabile TROMBA is made for fun at parties, circuses and carnivals. Besides, it has a great sound that you would have never expected. Once you try this Classic Cantabile TOMBA, you will never want to go back!

Tenor Trombone In Bb mood, Material: Plastic
Mouthpiece material: plastic, small bore: 12,7 mm, Diameter
Ergonomically fibreglass built, train, very resistant
Weight: 800 g
Box contents: Classic Cantabile Tromba plastic trombone Black, mouthpieces, bag, Stand and cleaning kit

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