Digital Drums 430 Electronic Drum Kit Package Deal

£279.99 (as of 12th October 2017, 6:52 pm)

Includes Headphones Sticks & Drum Stool
Compact Lightweight Frame is Perfect For Small Spaces
12 Kits 110 Voices 42 Patterns For Any Type of Style

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The Gear4music DD430 is an electronic drum kit that may accommodate any size player. The choke function on both the crash and ride cymbals adds an extra dimension to this digital kit giving players greater regulate over their cymbal sound and the ability to make use of more authentic drumming techniques. A dual zone snare drum makes the instrument versatile. A quiet style stand By myself bass drum set up and headphone output means you’ll be able to practice without disturbing the neighbours, even as a host of connectivity options including USB and MIDI provide scope for digital expansion the usage of your computer. There may be 12 pre-programmed kits, 110 individual voices and 42 patterns to play at the side of in this responsive and user-friendly digital drum kit that’s ideal for beginners and more experienced players alike. This pack includes a drum stool, sticks and headphones.


Display: 3 Figure LCD
Polyphony: 64
Kits: 12 Preset
Voices: 120
Effects: Reverb
Demos: 1
Songs: 42
Metronome: 30 – 280BPM
Connectivity: Phones, USB, Aux In, Stereo Out
Power: 9v
Kick: 5″ Stand By myself Trigger
Snare: 8″ Dual Zone
Toms: 3 x 7.5″ Single Zone
Crash: 10″ Single Zone with Choke
Ride: 10″ Single Zone with Choke
Hi Hat: 10″ Trigger and Single Zone Pad
Drum Throne Stool by Gear4music
HP-170 Stereo Headphones by Gear4music
Includes Headphones, Sticks and Stool
Versatile and Durable Frame
Sound Choice – 12 Kits, 110 Voices, 42 Patterns
Quiet Hi-Hat Controller and Stand By myself Kick Pedal
MIDI and USB Connectivity, Aux In for MP3

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