Digitech Nautila Chorus/Flanger Pedal

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1 to 8 chorus voices with tone control
1 to 4 flange voices with regen control (Emphasis)
Speed can be controlled via knob or footswitch

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Chorus/Flanger effects pedal Combined Flanger and Chorus As much as 8 Chorus and 4 Flanger voices4 Controls: for Speed/Depth, Emphasis/Voices, Mix and Go with the flow “Go with the flow” permits you to blend seamlessly between 3 different waveformsFlanger and Chorus selectable by the use of mini-toggle Silent relay Bypass footswitch with added “Momentary” function 2-Colour status LED Metal housing True Bypass switching IN/OUT: by the use of two 6.3 mm mono jacks for optional Stereo applicationPowered by: optional AC adapter 9V DC, 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm barrel plug, (-) center Dimensions (L x W x H): 122 x 76 x 47 mm Weight 390 g The Nautila Chorus-Flanger is more than just a worthy successor in the long line of esteemed DigiTech Chorus stomp boxes like the Hardwire CR-7 and the X-Series Chorus, it combines Chorus and Flanger in one compact pedal with each and every FX selectable by the use of a mini toggle switch. But that is just the start, as the Nautila offers unique features like the seamless blending between 3 different waveforms, a load of different FX voicings for both Chorus (8) and Flanger (4) and the choice to alter the modulation speed at the fly with the footswitch?s ?Momentary? function. The DigiTech Nautila is fully Stereo capable, housed in a rugged and compact metal enclosure and offers True Bypass switching.
1 to 8 chorus voices with tone keep an eye on
1 to 4 flange voices with regen keep an eye on (Emphasis)
Speed may also be controlled by the use of knob or footswitch
Go with the flow keep an eye on
Soft Click Vacuum-Style Footswitch

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