Elektron Analog Four 4 Voice Analog Synthesizer

£881.00 (as of 20th March 2018, 12:14 pm)

4 Inputs
2 x sub-oscillators for voice
2 x analog oscillatori for voice

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The Analog Four is the most productive of two worlds. The power of analog synthesis is enhanced with precise Elektron sequencing for a machine par excellence. This is an analog synthesizer for the up to date age.
Analog bliss
The Analog Four unlocks the door to a world of warm and gritty analog sounds. Deep basses, piercing leads, mellow bells and haunting drones. The 100% analog signal path ensures the most organic sounds possible. It just sounds right.
Suited for the stage
Portable and capable with a lot of powerful performance features. The Analog Four was once born for the stage. Feel, play. An instantaneous user interface in combination with the straight forward sequencer encourage creativity and improvisation.
Modular control
Not only a splendid synthesizer, the Analog Four can also make other gear sing. Thanks to the CV/Gate and DIN sync outputs, external analog gear may also be controlled in great detail. Make any modular synthesizer rig come really alive.
Overbridge enabled
Overbridge is the easy way in. For the first time in history analog synthesizers and drum machines may also be seamlessly integrated in DAW environments. The magic of the usage of an Elektron Analog instrument as an absolutely featured VST plugin is a breakthrough experience.
4 voices
2x sub-oscillators per voice
2x analog oscillators per voice
2x analog filters per voice
1x analog overdrive circuit per voice

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