Fender Rumble 15 (V3) 1×8 15W Bass Combo Amp

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15 Watts
8″ speaker
bass, middle and treble EQ controls

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The Fender Rumble 15 offers an impressive tone in a small box that is inspiring to play through and easy to transport. Get your bass guitar sounding great buy playing through a Fender Rumble. These amps sound fantastic and are at a great cheap price. If you need an amp for around the home and for rehearsing then look no further, the quality and sound of this Fender Rumble is amazing, it will have you impressed! Whether you play a Jazz bass, a Rickenbacker or a death metal bass it’s going to sound great either way. Small, light, powerful, what’s not to love about the Fender Rumble 15!
The clarity and power from this rather small Fender bass amplifier is amazing. It really allows the tone of your bass guitar to shine through.
If you enjoy the sound that comes out of your amp then you’re going to want to practice more often and you’ll become a better player. A Fender Rumble can do the job for you. This particular Rumble Bass Amp is great for use in the bedroom and for home practice but wouldn’t be loud enough to gig with or use for a band practice.
The difference between typical little wimpy amp tone and the Rumble 15 is very noticeable. There will be a smile on your face as you dig deep and it responds like a BASS amp. If you love the sound that comes from your amp then you’re going to be more enthusiastic about playing it meaning you’ll just get better and better until you need to upgrade for that first gig!
The top of the amplifier reveals the control set of this Fender Rumble. With only 4 controls, it’s easy to get a great tone in seconds. Controls here are: Volume, Bass, Middle and Treble. Easy! Straight forward, straight talking wall of bass tone!
* Bedroom friendly (small footprint, great tone)
* Jam along (plug in iPod, headphones)
* On the go (small/lightwe
15 Watts
8″ speaker
bass, middle and treble EQ controls
CD/MP3 RCA Input
headphone jack

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