ICE BLAST Frozen Smoke Machine Mist Fog Effect Blue Colour LED Disco Party Theme

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Blue LED Lighting Built-In
700 Watt Mahine Heating Element
Unique ICE Effect Combination

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The S700LED from industry specialists Beamz; is a compact 700 watt smoke machine with integrated Blue LED lights that create an amazing and totally unique Ice effect coloured fog. Supplied with a wired remote Keep watch over, the S700LED is a perfect all-in-one atmospherics machine for winter frozen themed events, small stage performances, theatre and more, there in reality is no other machine rather adore it.

Astonishing and Unique Effect
The S700LED combines powerful smoke dispersion and crisp LED lighting technology, multi function smart, compact and tough build machine. Built upon the success of it cousin S700LED with Flame Lighting and operating just like other smoke machines, it adds a blast of vivid blue LED illumination as the smoke billows out from the nozzle providing an astonishing and unique effect like no-other. In point of fact and intricate piece of equipment for any atmospheric enthusiast.

Themed Events and Parties
This machine is perfect for parties, events and functions that may require a theme, Christmas, Frozen, Winter Wonderland or similar, can easily be achieved without the need for more than one high-end lighting effects – the S700LED ICE does it multi function! Mobile DJs for discos and more, will also see benefit of the 2-In-1 machine, saving need of having to transport more than one devices.

Thermostatically controlled to help prevent overheating, a built-in fluid reservoir, rapid heat-up time and will also be activated the usage of the supplied remote Keep watch over.

Astonishing and Unique Ice Effect at the same time as Producing Fog
Blue Coloured LED
Ice Effect will also be Switched Off
Thermostatically Controlled Heater
Short Heat-Up Time
Remote Keep watch over with 3m Cable

Heating Element: 700W
Smoke Volume per Minute: 75m3
Heat-Up Time (minutes): 3
Tank Capacity: 250ml
No. of LEDs: 1x Blue LED
Power Supply: 220-240Vac – 50Hz
Blue LED Lighting Built-In
700 Watt Mahine Heating Element
Unique ICE Effect Combination
Remote Controlled (Included)
Electromarket Cable Tie Included

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