KORG KO2S Updated Kaossilator Microphone Phrase Synthesizer

£129.00 (as of 19th September 2018, 8:20 pm)

Includes undo or redo functions
Kaossilator 2 is a palm-sized synthesizer
The loop recorder is used for overdubbing

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A palm-sized synthesizer with Integration with Ableton Live allows intuitive music production.

The palm-sized synthesizer, kaossilator 2, has now been intensified. Announcing the newly evolved kaossilator 2S (“S” stands for Sound on Sound), a useful gizmo for serious music production.

Use the touchpad to perform intuitively, the loop recorder to keep overdubbing, then export your recorded phrases to Ableton Live and polish them into a song! With undo/redo functions and improve for exporting as multi-track data or in Ableton Live format, the kaossilator 2S means that serendipitous phrases and sudden ideas will also be seamlessly used in song production.

A synthesizer that allows you to perform freely with the touchpad
You can play melodies and phrases simply by stroking or tapping the touchpad with your fingertips. The horizontal axis controls pitch, and the vertical axis controls subtle changes in tone. It’s easy to perform even though you’ll’t play keyboard, and you’re also free to perform bizarre phrases that would be impractical to play on a keyboard.

The sound engine provides 150 different sounds, including standard synth leads and synth bass, acoustic sounds such as piano and guitar, rhythm loops, and single-note drum kits, meeting the needs for any style of dance music.

Numerous useful functions for touchpad performance are also provided.
 Scale/Key setting function permits you to perform in a specified key without producing any improper notes
 Note Range function permits you to change the performing range in units of an octave
 Gate Arpeggiator function automatically generates precise phrases and beats

Loop recorder that allows you to overdub phrases, and also undo/redo
There’s a built-in loop recorder function that allows you to layer your touchpad performances as repeatedly as you like
Includes undo or redo functions
Kaossilator 2 is a palm-sized synthesizer
The loop recorder is used for overdubbing

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