Moselele Bambookulele Ukulele and Gig Bag


Bamboo Body
Mahogany Neck
Rosewood Fingerboard

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We have designed this ukulele and this gig bag specifically for people who want an instrument that isn’t a toy but isn’t going to cost you a fortune. As a ukulele group we are ceaselessly asked where to buy a ukulele that You’ll be sure will sound good at a decent price. We made up our minds that our best answer to this was to start making our own. We understand what people are searching for in a ukulele and we’ve put our years of experience into this, the Bambookulele. This means that we’ve taken care of the little things, like making sure there is somewhere to attach your strap, something continuously overlooked in other designs. We’ve chosen bamboo as the basis for this ukulele as this is a sustainable wood and, we think, gives it a in point of fact distinct finish. The ukulele comes in either soprano, concert or tenor size, it features fully geared machine heads to keep it in tune and a great rosewood fingerboard, the neck is made from mahogany. Look at that gig bag, It’s nice isn’t it? This can be a top of the range padded gig bag for either Soprano, Concert or Tenor ukulele. These bags provide excellent resistance to being dropped and will even protect against the most basic level of beer spillage. You’ll use it both indoors and out doors. The front pocket is big enough to hold a tuner, spare strings, a strap and a kazoo. In fact it’s a pocket You’ll put whatever you need in there. There is also a carrying handle and TWO straps so you could wear it like a rucksack or even just casually throw it over either shoulder. We won’t accept that gig bags should have a right or left arm bias. It is made with a Nylon shell with internal padding. The front pocket is covered in webbing which can be used as additional storage or a talking point; for such conversations such as “Is that orange webbing?” “Yes”. Did we mention 2cm of padding? Well that’s what it’s got.
Bamboo Body
Mahogany Neck
Rosewood Fingerboard
Internal padding for safety and comfort (2cm of padding)
Nylon shell for entry level liquid protection

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