Roland SPD-1W WAV Drum Trigger Pad

£235.00 (as of 22nd January 2018, 7:17 pm)

Light, compact digital percussion pad that can be played with drumsticks, hands, or feet
Import your original WAV sound data by connecting to a computer via USB and dragging and dropping files
Internal 4 GB drive can hold up to 360 minutes of stereo audio

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Drum Sample Trigger Pad The Roland SPD:ONE WAV Trigger Pad is a sleek and robust drum trigger pad that permits you to incorporate your own sounds and samples when performing. The WAV Trigger Pad is suited for everyone not just drummers, from DJs to guitarists, and provides a streamlined way to trigger samples on the fly. The touch-sensitive pad reacts naturally, and can be played the usage of sticks, hands or even feet (for stompbox style use) making it One of the versatile drum pads on the market. Custom Samples & Sounds The WAV Trigger Pad gives you the ability to incorporate your own sounds and samples into your live performances. To do this you simply have to connect your trigger pad to your computer, then drag and drop your WAV samples on to the integrated drive. It may be used for everything from backing tracks and vocal samples to sound FX and more. You’ll even layer your sounds to trigger three different sounds at once, even playing at different velocities. For example You want to have three snare sounds that are recorded at different velocities or pitches. You want to then set the velocity levels to trigger one of three sounds dependent on how hard you hit the pad. Versatile Keep an eye on One of the convenient features of the pad is the ability to change the sensitivity of the velocity, by changing the threshold settings. This permits you to change the way the sounds are triggered and at what volume level. Instead of incorporating samples You’ll import a click track for practising. You’ll import click tracks from your DAW to accompany your backing tracks. You’ll also route the backing track via the main and headphone outputs, even as the click is routed to the headphones only for quick and easy stage monitoring. The ergonomic layout features four dials in total, with a Master volume Keep an eye on for all of the levels as well as a Mix Keep an eye on for balancing between the Click track and the Master levels.
Compact, robust trigger pad
Import .WAV samples and sounds by dragging and dropping
Ideal for backing-tracks and one shot sounds
The WAV Trigger Pad gives you the ability to incorporate your own sounds and samples into your live performances

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