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With “stay put” clip, display rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing
High sensitivity vibration sensor
Features frequency rangetailored for guitar and bass

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Snark Tuners has change into the dominant brand in Guitar Tuners in latest years. Their tuners provide a full colour display that rotate 360 degrees allowing you to see it from any angle. Let’s talk you through the range…

The SN-2 Super Tight is the following generation in their best selling Snark. It is fully chromatic but unlike the remainder of the range, this one also has the solution to tune from It is built in mic. It is referred to as super tight as a result of It is super tight tuning.

The HZ-1 is a new model introduced in 2016. It is 40% smaller than the original model and is more flexible in movement with any angle viewing. The hertz tuning system may be super fast. Also fully chromatic. 

The SN-1 is the original chromatic tuner from Snark designed for  Guitar Tuning.

The SN6 is for Ukulele players.

The Son Of Snark is their mini chromatic tuner

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