Stentor Student 2 Cello 1/8 Outfit (set up)

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This instrument has been set up in our string workshop. The Stentor Student II Cello 4/4 Outfit, when set up in our instrument workshop, represents superb-value, and this cello would be our recommendation for beginners on a budget. The Stentor Student II cello is well-made, and offers good tone. Outfit features a good-quality bow, and padded cover. Hand-made within the Stentor factory workshop, the Stentor Student II is a higher grade instrument than the Student I, and is made out of selected tonewoods. The standard of the carving and expert workmanship produces a student cello far superior to many student instruments produced within the Far East. Teachers in Britain and Europe demand a very high standard of instrument. The Stentor Student 2 cello outfit meets these standards and along side the Primavera cello, is now the primary number of many teachers! Stentor 2 1108-A 4/4 Cello Outfit Product Specification: Solid spruce table. Solid carved back & sides. Ebony fingerboard and pegs. Alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters. Includes prime quality rayon padded cover & decent bow. The whole size cello is suitable for players aged 15 and over as a general rule.

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