Vox Mini 3 G2 BLACK

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VOX mini 3 G2 black
With the MINI3G2 modeling guitar amps are guitarist in the truest sense of the word operation: the sounds are authentic in consequence, the effects are superb and the case is compact and battery saving makes this amp can be utilized on any only kinds of place, at the same time as its design clearly the legendary VOX and heritage pays homage. The particular 11 Amp Models range of the MINI3G2 proving once again that VOX has a superior technology: this amp can be utilized, not only fauchen such as a considerably larger ‘high gain’ Ungetüm, but served the at the touch of a button and even crystalline ‘clean’ models that each and every guitarist needs. Brand new in the array verzerrungsfreies is model for keyboards and other signals subject to purity law and the. The whole is rounded off with effects special class, a tuner and quite a lot of connection options: thanks to the microphone input and AUX socket for a MP3 player and the like you’ll be sure no better road Mitmusikanten than the Mini3 think of.
Superior modeling technology
The multifaceted JamVOX in addition to the amplifier, the unmatched longer that VOX Valve Reactor and true-tube Valvetronix series show amp circuit since the of technological marching route vorgibt. The MINI3G2 is best company, the particularly as he comes complete with 11 Just As authentic as accurate models of all a amplifier. The British VOX sound is registered in the MINI3G2 Mandatory just like the sounds other amplifier legends and Neuzeitlicher ‘high gain’ and ‘Boutique’ amplifier. The built-in Bassil to a vibrator switch provides a particularly powerful sound.
‘Clean’ model to be used on overhead film and almost all sources
A amplifier sound which right through best of not tugging may under the 11 models has been applied. Means you’ll connect a an acoustic instrument with a pickup or acoustic electric guitar in the MINI3G2 – All resona

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