Vox VT100X Valvetronix Electric Guitar Amplifier

£450.51 (as of 19th January 2018, 4:12 pm)

100 Watts; 1 x 12″ Speaker
VET (Virtual Elements Technology) delivers stunning sound quality
Valvetronix preamp uses a vacuum tube multi-stage amplification circuit

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The VT100X is Vox’s most amazing modelling guitar amp to date! With an unbelievable modelling engine you’ll now get the most realistic amp models ever! With the addition of a pre amp tube circuit you have got the best of both analogue and digital so you’ll actually fine tune your tone!
Whether you’re in search of cleans, tube overdrives, boutique drives, blues, metal sounds you’ll get it all in this compact amplifier! With numerous built in effects like compression, chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, delay & reverb you actually can create your very own signature tone! A BRILLIANT all-in-one amp that actually does tick every box! And imagine us, the tone on this thing is absolutely supreme it actually does sound amazing.
Not heard enough yet? Well, listen up, this baby even plugs into you smart phone so you’ll use the ToneRoom software to easily edit your favourite amp models & effects to tweak it exactly how you wish to have! VOX Tone Room is makes it easy to get the best out of your amp the usage of your iOS device, PC or Mac!
With a huge 100 watts of power this beast is easily loud enough for any home application,rehearsal, recording session or live gigs! The 12″ speaker allows every fine detail of your sound to be heard excellently. You get a nice amount of bass and punch from the speaker which you don’t most often get with smaller versions. Nice and light, MP3 input for jamming along to your tunes, 8 user patches to save your sounds… The list goes on! See the specifications tab for some tech spec detail! 
Vox VT100X
100 watts
Amp models: Deluxe CL, Tweed 4×10, Vox AC30, Boutique OD, Vox AC30TB, Brit 800, Brit or MKII, Double Rec, Boutique CL, Brit 1959, Boutique Metal
Effects: Pedal 1 – Comp, Chorus, Overdrive, Distortion
             Pedal 2 – Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay

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