XL ONLY Electric Rock Guitar T-Shirt Playable Guitar! Gadget Electronic Guitar T-Shirt

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Use the magnetic pick to stroke the guitar.

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Gadget T-Shirt which comes with a built in playable guitar with features such as 12 chords, an amp, adjustable tone and volume controls, and is machine washable.

If you liked Rock band and Guitar Hero then you’ll be able to love the gadget T-Shirt “Guitar Zero”! This XL Electric Guitar T-shirt is Cotton, sure, but it isn’t for crash test dummies! It in truth blasts real beats! Take your funky air guitar finger skills to the next level and play the fool 4 real! Riff to your heart’s content with the “Guitar Zero’s” realistic 12 major chords or be a pain in the neck by making your neighbors, family and friends cover their ears with its11 notch volume keep watch over button put on full blast or be the focal point at the next fancy dress party!

But don’t fret, your sound would possibly not fade out. With 4 AAA Batteries(not included) placed inside the mini amp clipped onto your belt, you’ll be able to simply continue to stun your loose footed fans for up to 6 hours, in case you are man enough! Strum Satanic verses or simply slide the magnetic pick over the strings to play whatever you desire. No want to worry about losing your pick, as with the “Guitar Zero” either stick it to the speaker grill or carry the extra one in your pocket, And after a long session, wind down with its convenient tone button and unplug the headphone jack, then give your T-shirt a well deserved soak in the washing machine (after you’ve got rid of all electric appliances from it, of course)!

At a Glance…

Play 12 Major Chords Electric Guitar Tunes on this untamed T-Shirt and Amplifier combination

Customizable with Volume button, Tone button, 2 Magnetic picks, AAA Batteries Washable after your sweaty session

Use the magnetic pick to stroke the guitar.

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