Recording Audio using a Smartphone iphone Android

Smartphones will allow you to do almost anything recording audio using a smartphone can be done depending on the quality of sound you need.

Recording Audio using a Smartphone iphone Android

There are normally 4 different ways in which you can record using your phone.

  1. The phones built in microphone
  2. Using an external microphone plugged into the headset socket
  3. Using a microphone plugged into the charging socket
  4. Using Bluetooth

Recording using the built in microphone

The built in microphone is ideal for a voice recorder, sometimes an app would be a good idea to improve the recording quality allowing you to make adjustments to recording levels etc.

Recording using an external Microphone through the headset socket

Many smartphones have a TRRS socket for headphones this is a socket that will take a jack plug with 3 lines or 4 rings on it, it will act as a microphone socket as well as headphone socket.


Recording throught the charging socket

Not all smartphones support audio through the charging socket iOS includes support but there is currently no support for Android.

Recording through the Micro USB Port on Android Phones some will allow you to use a USB OTG adaptor to plug in a USB microphone but you would need to check availability and ensure you have the correct adaptor for your model phone.

Recording to your phone via Bluetooth

You can record to your phone via bluetooth by using a bluetooth microphone you would need a microphone capable of transmitting a bluetooth signal.

Recording audio using a smartphone can be great fun and will allow you to record almost anywhere with little effort using some of the above ideas will help you achieve a better quality when recording audio using a smartphone.

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