Starting a music band best practice

Starting a music band is a real challenge, you love the music you play and want to create a band / group to create your own music in a style you like playing.

When you first take up the challenge creating a band there are some things you need in place to make it work for you and all your band members, there are so many music bands that fold after a short period of time because the fundimentals of the band were not layed out clearly from day one.

Decide how many band members you need to create the music you want and what instruments are needed to achieve a great sound.

Starting a music band best practiceStarting a music band best practiceStarting a music band best practiceStarting a music band best practiceStarting a music band best practiceStarting a music band best practiceStarting a music band best practiceStarting a music band best practice

Firstly it is important that all band members are in agreement as to the type of music you want to play, for example Rock music, Country music, Pop music, Jazz, Soul and so on..

Once you have the band members all in agreement, you then need to decide are you going to write your own material or do covers of other songs.

Establish a set list and work on each track starting from track one until it is played to perfection always tune your instruments before practice and check you are in tune with each other, if you have a keyboard player tune to the keyboard, only then introduce track two to rehearsal, when rehearsing start your practice with track one to warm up then practice track two.

When you have track one and track two sounding perfect then introduce track three and so on until your entire set is being played right the way through as if you were gigging it.

When working on a new track it is best practice for each member to take that track home and practice it as an individual until they are happy it is correctly played or sung, when all members are happy they know there parts you can then introduce it to a rehearsal night, try to record the track at rehearsal and play back to hear any problems that may want adjustment for a sound you all agree on.

Be patient with band members you may be learning a new track that you have played for years but to a band member that has never played it before they will take longer to get there part to a standard they are happy with, don’t rush the practice wait until all band members are happy with there music part.

Once you are happy with your set and all members are enjoying playing every music piece then you are ready for live gigging the main thing is to take it one step at a time it will be a slow process in the beginning but the end results will make you more than an ordinary band, you will feel comfortable playing every track and not dreading track three in set two because you havent practiced your part properly.

Good luck Starting a music band and I hope these few tips have been of some help.

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